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Hi Contract supports the creative path of architects and designers to make their concepts real. It holds the ten-year know-how of realising projects with passion and quality.

From the executive development to the supply management, from design to production. A complete service that controls times, costs and quality thanks to a careful and dedicated project management, so that the customer can just enjoy the show.

Case study: from design to production



There is a past made of craft skills typical of the Veneto hinterland, capable of transforming materials such as wood, leather and metals into unique elements. There is a constant drive for innovation, which experiments and uses the most modern production technologies to create exciting spaces.

There are designers who know how to interpret the wishes of internationally renowned architects and make them become an extraordinary reality. There is a group of workers and professionals capable of giving life to custom projects enhancing all the excellence of Made in Italy.

There is a present, a past and a future that are mixed with the scent of wood, quality raw materials and the noises of processing, to give life to combinations of materials and new forms, and exclusive tailor-made projects. That’s why Hi Contract today realizes customized projects for hospitality and hotels, multimedia installations, exhibitions and museums, retail, pharmacies, wellness, restaurants, companies and private residences.


Thanks to an attentive project management, Hi Contract stays by the side of architects and designers from the early stages, to give them advice and follow every project from A to Z.
We are also able to offer you creative and cutting-edge solutions thanks to our in-house expertise. A staff of young designers and architects is at your disposal with their amazing ideas, always with the utmost attention to your budget.


Hi Contract stands out for its continuous innovation, both through technological investment, process optimisation and renewal of machinery and throught the constant updates on the latest trends, finishes and decorating styles.


Developing a turnkey project requires integration and coordination of different people with various skills. Hi Contract sums up all these aspects thanks to more than 20 years of experience in carrying out projects with passion and quality.


We always pay the greatest attention to the cost analysis, both before and during the working process.
We guarantee you a project without unexpected events and surprises, starting from the preliminary budget all the way to the definition of the details in the Tender specifications.


We translate your project into executive drawings and construction details.
Our internal workforce takes care of this stage; we use our know-how and professional expertise during the set up of materials, technical details and processes which will have to satisfy all the requests of the client.


Precision surveying on site with our specialized technicians and with the help of the most advanced technology. With the Leica 3D Scanner, we can detect large spaces with point clouds and photograph all-round environments in few seconds.


One of the goals of Hi Contract is to guarantee the opening of your business, according to both your objectives and the planned schedule, while staying within your budget.
Coordinating all aspects, from the technical to the logistical activities, contributes to the realisation of a turnkey project ready to be delivered to the client.


The most part of our furniture is produced within our plants, where we have a carpentry and a painting area. Sometimes we engage with external, highly qualified suppliers; also in these cases, we perform the final quality control in house.


Our tailor-made approach allows us to customise every piece of furniture, which will reflect your taste and needs, while respecting both traditions and your business area.


A creative space dedicated to work in progress. The large selection of raw materials allows architects and designers to study the project, analyze it, find the right materials and inspiration to make it a reality.


We deliver our furniture in accordance with a specific working plan, which corresponds to the different assembly phases. We pack our products with extreme care, in order to make
assembling easier. Hi Contract takes care of all the delicate assembly phases: definition of the installation plan, setting up the equipment for the construction site, verifying the logistics on site, supervising the assembly activities, inspecting the various installations, sharing the final inspection.


We stay by your side even after our furniture has been delivered and assembled. We guarantee you an accurate and attentive after-sales assistance, with a constant maintenance of all the realised projects. We provide you a real help to resolve issues promptly. When it comes to completing and expanding the existing furniture, we ensure you the continuity of the manufacturing techniques in order to obtain the same finishes for all the products.


We work alongside architects and designers so that creativity does not remain just a sketch on a paper, but it finds its space in the real world.

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