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HI Contract’s production chain, offices, and workshops respect the environment and are sustainable starting with its raw materials: it uses wood originating from sustainable forests from FSC® certified crops, thereby making an active contribution to a responsible management of forest resources. This find recognition in obtaining the FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council® AC Chain of Custody Certification.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness are also expressed on a daily basis in our construction sites thanks to the advanced recycling of production waste. HI Contract encourages its suppliers to adhere to the same sustainability principles and related code of conduct.
The HI Contract production plant is self-sufficient in terms of its electricity needs and allow a significant reduction in emissions into the atmosphere. Thanks to a far-sighted management we also achieve a significant recovery and reuse of processing waste.

Our processes been assessed and certified as meeting the requirement of the ISO 14001 “Environmental management systems”.

Interface UKAS ISO 9001 Certified
Interface UKAS ISO 45001 Certified


HI Contract also ensures the highest quality work environments by noise proofing its offices and workshops.

The care for quality and safety has led the company to be assessed and certified as meeting the requirement of the ISO 9001 “Quality management systems” certification and ISO 45001 “Occupational health and safety management systems” certification.


In our organisation, the high-quality artisanal approach meets a modern and well- structured company. Our management aims at eliminating wastefulness to give life to excellent standardised processes for manufacturing, product development, supplying and sales.

The Quality, occupational health, safety and environmental management policy and the Charter of Values contain our commitment to customers, suppliers and employees.

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