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Hi Contract combines cutting-edge technology with artisan skills to transform wood and other composite materials into extraordinary spaces, surfaces and objects.

Such high-quality objects are designed to enhance not only shapes but also content.


Beauty is a unique value that can inspire and bring harmony. In Hi Contract we make sure that the spaces we create leave an emotion in those who live them. In Italy, the sartorial quality of tailor-made furniture meets a modern company organized and able to integrate the latest technologies to the most refined project.

The customer can just enjoy the show.


We produce our furniture completely in Italy, in our plants in the heart of Veneto. Cutting-edge machinery combined with forty years of experience in the processing of the finest materials allow us to realize even the most bold projects.

We design unique spaces that are the result of a careful research of materials, of wise engineering and of the expert hands of our specialist workers. Everything is coordinated by a project manager who follows and supports the client throughout the project.

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